Here you’ll be able to find Toolkits, Impact Assessments and Publications that will be produced throughout the project.
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Artistic Productions

The project will develop a specific artistic production and audience development methodology through 12 Tandems.
Each Tandem will deliver 1 new work, performed at least twice, 2 to 3 Hosting Communities, 2 creative residencies, 2 research residencies and 1 workshop.
Accordingly, the deliverables of 12 Tandems will be 31 Hosting Communities, 24 creative residencies, 24 research residencies and 12 workshops.

Capacity-building Activities

The project develops an extensive training programme based on the exchange of experiences and peer-to-peer learning as well as on exploring and encouraging new methods and pathways for arts management, audience development and inclusive cultural policies.

The project’s capacity-building programme encompasses a total of 11 actions, including:

  • 2 conferences aimed at preparing and setting the agenda
  • 1 seminar on quality in artistic residencies
  • 1 seminar on fair international cultural relations
  • 2 Futuring workshops
  • 1 workshop Connecting Dots
  • 1 workshop on inclusive policymaking
  • 1 workshop on cultural meditation
  • 1 workshop on audiences’ analysis
  • 1 workshop on assessing the quality of participation in artistic projects
  • 1 digital platform


Two Toolkits will be developed by the research partners forming part of the Southern Coalition, based on needs and skills levied among partners. These Toolkits will be applied throughout the project and beyond, supporting its concrete endeavors in regard to audiences development and participatory artistic practices.

  • Toolkit for audiences’ analysis
  • Toolkit or assessing the quality of participation in artistic projects


The project’s research partners will closely follow the project’s developments and implementation, reflecting upon and coproducing knowledge within the fields of impact assessment, policymaking, and learnings stemming from both the artistic and the capacity-building programmes. The project’s publications include:

  • 1 report, by ISCTE-IUL, on the project’s impact and results
  • 1 report on capacity-building needs of cultural operators in the South of Europe
  • 1 publication as Book of Proceedings, as a result of the Having a Voice conference – DISCOVER IT HERE!
  • 1 final publication including key-note lectures from both conferences, recommendations for alternative cultural policies’ models in the South, and other scientific contributions to Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition

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