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Artist statement

Les Impuxibles is the artistic fusion of a pianist and a choreographer. A fusion that contains the power of the artistic quality of each one separately and the harmony of the bond that unites us. Clara and Ariadna Peya; sisters, creators and performers.

We work in four main axes:

-HYBRIDIZATION: We work the mixture of languages. A search that fuses music and movement with other scenic disciplines. An investigation that never ends and that has led us to the construction of our own language. That is why we continue betting on cooperation and alliances between creators and universes to discover new forms of creation and to take our work further. We believe that the merge of languages gives us the possibility to reach more people and diverse approaching dance or circus that usually don’t have that much presence on stage with more universal languages such as music and theater.

– VISIBILIZATION: We stage barely visible realities that include suffering, lack of acceptance and even violence, firmly believing that the visibility of these realities transforms society’s gaze, increases empathy and positively impacts the lives of people who embody this suffering.

-ACCESSIBILITY: We incorporate accessibility resources as part of the creative process, giving them visibility not only as a communication element but also as a means of artistic expression. We have used sign language, integrated subtitles, musical visualization (music transformed in images) and audio description.

-ACTIVISM: We work with a will for social transformation. Our scenic proposals seek to generate a social impact and serve, at the same time, as a tool for motivation and collective work in favor of change.

Since 2015 we have premiered ten creations with the support of institutions, theaters and festivals such as: Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatre Lliure, Sala Beckett, Festival Grec Barcelona, Festival Temporada Alta, Fira Tàrrega or Festival Dansa Metropolitana.
Our latest creations are:

-Harakiri, premiered at Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in march 2022. Coproduction of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and Festival Dansa Metropolitana.
-FAM, premiered at Mercat de les Flors, within Festival Grec in july 2021, coproduction of Festival Grec 2021 and Festival Temporada Alta 2020.
-Des-espera, premiered at Festival Dansàneu in august 2020.
-Suite TOC núm. 6, premiered at Sala Beckett in march 2019, coproduction with Sala Beckett.
-Painball, premiered at Agitart Figueres in 2018, within the frame of the program Support to Creation by Fira Tàrrega.
-AÜC, premiered at Seca-Espai Brossa within Festival Grec 2017, with the support of Teatre Lliure 2019.

Ariadna Peya: Trained in dance in Barcelona, she has taken courses in New York, London, Israel, Berlin, Cuba and Bahia with international choreographers. She is passionate about movement and creation. Over time, she has developed a strong, passionate, careful and poetic language of her own. Her work is closely linked to music and the mixture of stage languages. She is co-founder, creator and performer of Les Impuxibles. She is a choreographer and movement consultant in series, advertisements and shows such as “Puertas Abiertas” directed by Abel Folk or “Calma!” by Guillem Alba. Video clips such as “Mujer Frontera” or “Niña” by Clara Peya and musical theater such as “The Awakening of Spring” and “Maremar” by Dagoll Dagom.

Clara Peya: Pianist and composer. She has presented eleven albums. Considered one of the most prolific and transgressive pianists in the State, she is energy and feeling in its purest form. Always with the piano as the center of gravity to compose and write songs, she gets inspiration from the sound of artists such as Samora Pinderhughes, RY X, Patrick Watson, Douglas Dare, Beady Belle, or established references such as Portishead or Björk. Activist and fighter, she was recognized with the National Culture Award in 2019 for her career and social commitment. She is co-founder, creator and performer of Les Impuxibles, and has composed music for various theater and dance shows, such as “Jane Eyre” directed by Carme Portacelli or “Billie Jean” by La Intrusa Danza.

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