Barbara Pia Jenic (Senzorium Institute)

Artist statement

In 1996 I was discovered by a foreign group and invited to collaborate with them in the creation of sensorial performances. Since 2001 I also founded Senzorium, which allowed me to continue my research on theatre and performance arts in Slovenia in between my tours abroad.

At the same time I was teaching acting based on Stanislavsky and Strasberg at the BB drama school in Ljubljana (1997-2013), and directing plays at the end of the year. I worked with an international company for eight years, under the auspices of ERT Emiglia Romagna Teatro in Modena and later under the auspices of the formally established Teatro de los sentidos. I was acting and directing sensorial performances in Slovenia and abroad, classical performances in Slovenia.

In 2004 I was offered the opportunity to move permanently to Barcelona to live and work, but I I wanted to develop an original approach to classical theatre, performance and sensorial theatre in Slovenia, where I am at home, and it was easier to get production funding for independent projects in my own country. I learned Spanish and Italian in the theatre, conversationally.

Since 2003 I have been independently creating my own shows and building my own poetics, combining sensorial and stage theatre, teaching acting, public speaking and sensorial poetics. I am also fascinated by the use of smells in theatre and for other art forms: for museums, galleries, heritage revivals, installations and other art forms. Every performance and every project has a meaning, or is something I am dealing with, or the society is dealing with, or are themes which have to be discovered or talked about. I think we must question ourselves and always look from different perspectives in order to find many truths and realities.

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