Danae & Dionysios

© Barlas – Sahinoglu

Artist statement

Danae and Dionysios are two artists from Greece. They have been collaborating since 2015 and so far they have created five productions, “UNCIA”, “ATMA”, “Free At Last : Rerooted”, “Valley of the Hummingbirds” and “Three Friends of Winter”, while an umbrella of activities for outdoors spaces called “Pilgrims”, is currently in creation process. Individually, they have danced for companies and choreographers such as Akram Khan Company, ZfinMalta Ensemble, Mavin Khoo, Jose Agudo, Hellenic Dance Company and more.

As apprentices of nature, its animals and indigenous civilizations, they create stories from the side of the one who was or still is untamed. True facts, myths of tribes and wild animals which didn’t make it or didn’t adjust become the canvas of their stories. In their creations they propose harmonic relationships between nature and its living beings. Breaking the stereotypical hierarchy, the dreamlike atmosphere which usually wraps their work, takes the audience into a journey in space and time where it becomes a witness of a conflict between chaos and order. Trying to balance between accessible and pioneer, they support the idea that art is a universal medium of communication which can create a dynamic, yet fragile language.

Together they created their first production “UNCIA”, which has been touring internationally, counting more than 55 performances in 11 countries and has received 8 awards around Europe. With this production they also collaborated with Conny Janssen Danst and toured with the company’s dancers around The Netherlands for more than 15 performances. Later, they created the full evening show “ATMA”, which has been touring in Europe, Asia and Central America .“Free At Last” was created under the production house of Theater Rotterdam and in season 2022-2023 will tour around The Netherlands for more than 30 performances, as repertoire for “Scapino Ballet”. In 2021, supported by the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, they created a new version of “Free At Last” – “Free At Last : Rerooted” which premiered in Athens, Greece. With Club Guy & Roni’s initiative they directed the video dance “Oasi” in order to raise support for the Doctors Without Borders within the platform of a 24h Art Carousel. Their latest production “Valley of the Hummingbirds” was commissioned by Staatstheater Braunschweig and premiered in February 2022 in Germany, receiving overwhelming reviews, and will be presented at least until June 2022. Furthermore, they have collaborated with Nikos Lagousakos and the director Angela Aló for the opening ceremony of Noor Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with Robert Wilson’s art objects. Their latest project, “Pilgrims”, is currently being constructed around the idea of additional outreach of contemporary dance in Greek provinces.

At the same time, they create projects for postgraduate programs and professional dance schools such as “FRE3 Bodies” in Barcelona for which they choreographed “Three Friends of Winter”, “PERA GAU” in Kyrenia and “EPDCYL” in Burgos, while giving workshops and sharing their practice internationally.

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