Dora Fodor

Artist statement

Dora Fodor is a vocalist, performer and audiovisual artist, graduated in New Media, Academy of Fine Arts. She attended the Fran Lhotka High School of Music in Sisak in opera singing, where she also encountered research into vocal structures and techniques for the first time.

Her primary artistic field of interest is the research of social emotional situations, reactions and relationships, and the translation and implementation of these processes into voice / sound structures- finally presented through performances or installations. She researches the human identities through various prudence and then documents it through her work. Her Master Degree was a collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing- researching the power of visualisation, self hypnosis and the voice as the most exact transmitter of emotions. From that point on she continues to facilitate vocal workshops and performances, opening up the questions “How powerful the voice really is?”, “How can we use traditional vocal techniques to reconnect with ourselves and society?”,”How can we use our artwork to educate more about the possibilities of the voice?”

She is currently producing a solo exhibition entitled “Hearth” which will be presented at the VN Gallery (Zagreb)in January. The exhibition is about creating a common safe space for all people that had lost their homes physically in any way or had the feeling of not belonging throughout their life. Collecting interviews from target groups and people that want to share their story, she is creating a collective soundhive through which she wishes to remind that we are all connected even when our stories are different-creating an indestructible feeling of “home” within ourselves.

My main motivation when creating is to educate and bring out awareness of many different perspectives that are always offered to us in life. As individuals we are bound to choose how we will look at current situations such as political, social or economic and those decisions are often influenced by many other factors (family, geographical territory, religion, etc.) As an artist I wish to create environments that are nourishing, emphatic and safe for all individuals to reconnect with themselves or become aware of their own power to overwrite and reconstruct the reality they are in.

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