Inan Sven du Swami

Artist statement

I was born on January 3rd 1994 in Ljubljana. In 2019 I graduated at the Sigmund Freud university where I specialized in psychoanalysis. After I started studying contemporary partner acrobatics with my partner Mojca Špik in Switzerland at the Lezarticirque. I currently work in the field of physical theatre where I combine dance, circus, and contemporary theatre. I usually explore different kinds of themes with the help of psychoanalysis.

Work experience: I was the creative director and creator of multiple psychosocial workshops at zavod Neva where I helped children in need with the help of my experience in psychotherapy, physical theatre and circus. The goal of the work was to encourage emotional intelligence in children.

Artistically I often collaborate with Matjaž Pograjc and Branko Potočan. We have collaborated on multiple projects in the past years. I regularly perform at festivals like Rdeči Revirji, Cirkus na mesec.

Motivations: When creating I try to focus on themes that involve the deep psyche and themes that focus on sustainability. My love is definitely the exploration of the Self which I believe has unlimited potential. I love books that use stream of consciousness where we are able to follow the thoughts of the main character or characters.

When researching for a specific production I always start by researching my relationship to the theme I am interested in. Then I start researching books or online and try to apply my knowledge with the knowledge of others and try to connect the mutual specifics of the subject into a more coherent project. After I find a lot of different material I start by researching movement based on the material on hand. I try to spend a lot of time when researching movement as it is my main tool of expression. I believe in movement as a universal language that can transcend our spoken words, age, religion, ethnicity and much more. Although I often use drama techniques and language in my performances I still believe the majority of the idea gets to the audience through movement and the body.

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