Irida / Anđela Bugarija and Lucija Mikas

Photo credits: all rights reserved



Artist statement

Artistic organisation Irida works on the field of contemporary dance. It is based in the village Sv. Filip i Jakov in Croatia and led by artistic directors Anđela Bugarija and Lucija Mikas.

IRIDA is short for Initiative for Research of Integral Dance Arts.

Our mission is to research, develop and promote an integral dance art, including development, integration and expression of all aspects of human personality through contemporary dance art. 

Our main dance focus in artistic projects is the discovery of new psychophysical possibilities of the body. The body filters information received from the environment and creates a movement sensitive to external stimuli. Intuition moves the body through a movement that creates an abstract body from concrete information. The play between the abstract and the concrete creates meanings interpreted through dance.

We research the interaction of the body and the environment. We are interested in researching the intuitive movement created out of curiosity, a new experience, surrendering to the environment in which it is located. We investigate the influence of the environment on the body, communication and the creation of a new language obtained through the game between abstraction and reality.

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