Jerneja Fekonja

Artist statement

I am a Slovenian-born contemporary dancer and performer, which finished the High school program with module B-contemporary dance and obtains a BA degree in contemporary dance and Movement at Budapest dance academy in the year 2019. In Budapest, out of my studies, I have made connections with international choreographers which I performed for out of the Academy (Tijen Lawton, Elenor Valerie Lachky, Willi Dorner, Marco Torrice, Lali Ayguade -several years in a rough at the Vibra festive as part of getting Vibra scholarship award).

After finishing my studies, I did two productions with up mention choreographers, and at being of 2020 spent over half a year as an intern working as a choreographer assistant at the Theater of Bremen, Germany, where now I perform as a dancer for the same production since a member of the ensemble got injured. In a time of Covid, I was part of the project creating a stage performance that took place online for Boston moving arts production and voluntarily worked for several months as an intern at the private Clinic for Physiotherapy at Bad Lautenberg, Germany where I started being interested in osteopathy as my further profession.

At the moment I am a part of the dance practice and collective Melting Pot, based in Bruxelles established by choreographer Marco Torrice, where I work as a dance as well as a teacher of the same practice around Europe. This exact practice and my teaching of it and this year in Timisoara and meeting autodidact dancers from there made me apply for this opportunity. (Please find further information about the practice as a link to the website). As well as I worked as a member of Azimuth Dance Ensemble, based in Stuttgart, and currently work as a member of Dance Master class production, as a project planning, creative concepts, film production, and post-project designer.

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