Koraljka Begović

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Artist statement

I’ve been working in the field of dance for over 10 years, creating my own work, collaborating with very different choreographers, artists, dramaturges and also as a dancer and performer. I’m always enthused by the creativity in the performing arts field, the possibilities of bodies and different expressions.

In my own work my main interest lies in the expression of emotions, everyday situations, commonalities that we all experience. When creating my own work I’m motivated by the possibilities to take the audience into the state where they can either enjoy the easiness of the theatre, possibilities of creating utopian worlds or to the place where they will question themselves within their own emotions and experience, maybe gaining a little bit different perspective. Coming out of the theatre, filled with moved emotions and thoughts of their everyday life and enjoyment in the simple movement. Expression, translation and transfer of emotions and thoughts is what moves and motivates me in creation. Talking to the audience only through movement and sound, expressing in a way that touches on the other levels then only spoken word. 

In the international context I got my dance education in Germany and Ireland and that brought me to some of the collaborations that are still part of my creation and career. I had a chance to collaborate with some artists and choreographers that are based in Germany.

For my own work the international creation happened through the BeSpectactive project where my work Playing Reality was selected and created during 2020 through the residencies in Prague and in Sweden. The same work was performed at BeSpectactive event in France and also was selected at the festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. I had a chance to perform with some other works as a dancer in Slovenia, Ireland, Germany etc..

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