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Photo credits: KVTársulat

Artist statement

KVTársulat is a 16-year-old independent theatre company led by women founding directors, Zsuzsa Száger and Krisztina Urbanovits. The company is dedicated to contemporary women’s issues, unexplored taboo topics, and current social problems. They exclusively create contemporary performances, primarily based on their own texts, aiming to explore the potential of art’s social engagement.

Their work is characterized by a diverse repertoire, mobility, and flexibility. Collaborating with various groups and organizations across artistic and other fields is essential to them. Their programs cater to different target and age groups, encompassing youth and adults, culturally excluded communities, as well as vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

Over the course of 16 years, they have produced 23 contemporary premieres. This includes contemporary Hungarian texts penned by the company, premieres of works by world-renowned women playwrights like Yasmina Reza, Caryl Churchill, Elzbieta Chowaniec, and Annie Baker. They’ve also reimagined classic pieces such as Euripides’ “MEDIA” and the comedies of Aristophanes. Recently they accomplished an all-arts social project „Do not Hurt”  involving the visual arts, performence art and literature.

Their performances have reached hundreds of audiences in Budapest, nearly all provincial cities in Hungary, and abroad. They’ve participated in numerous festivals both domestically and internationally, earning six festival awards. Notably, their projects „Függésben”  and  „12 hét„  received EMMI Special Prize for Public Education  and State Secretariat Award; Médeia – Special Creative Award at the Thealter 29 Festival;  „Why did Mr.R. run amok?” Best Studio Performance Award MostFest; „POFFON” Special Prize e-TheaterFest.

In recent years, they’ve expanded their theatrical scope to engage a broader section of society. The “I Stand for You” project has been a significant achievement, receiving recognition including Highlights of Hungary nomination in 2020 and the EMMI Social Innovation Award in 2021. Looking ahead, they aim to create similar niche projects addressing contemporary social concerns and enhance their global presence.The company has been invited to international festivals and tours in various countries, including Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. Their impactful performances have garnered attention and recognition across borders, contributing to their artistic legacy.

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