Massimiliano Ferraina

Photo credits: Laura Geraldi




Artist statement

In the last 10 years, I have been interested and involved in producing films or new and mixed media storytelling for my projects or collaborating with other artists or in a corporate environment.

My main practice has been writing, directing, and producing creative documentaries about thought-provoking topics to open conversations and create new narratives. I see my practice as a personal journey that connects personal and social dots, research of a narrative way to tell intertwined personal and social stories. Even if my main interest is the creation of documentary films, I have always enriched my practice by attending performing art’s workshops and training courses as a complement of my continuous training and improvement approach and looking for opportunities to create and use different expressive languages.

I was born in Calabria, Southern Italy in May 1973. I held a degree in Sociology of Media and Communication including a period of study in Lisbon as an Erasmus student (1994/95). While completing my studies in Rome, I started to work as an assistant at White Light Studio, Theo Eshetu’s video art production studio and became interested in multidisciplinary art forms that combine technology, identity and esthetics other than being in contact with film and media production practices. I worked for television as a researcher and producer for the experimental TV production company Elettrosofia for short documentaries and TV specials on Pop and LGBT culture and co-edited the feature film Rosa Tigre (2000) by Tonino De Bernardi presented at the Venice Film Festival.

After attending the first year of the Master in Writing and Directing Documentary Films (2007-08) in Naples, I moved back to Calabria to produce the short documentary “Oltre l’Inverno” (2010), a portrait of a mother fighting for justice. I developed a special interest in the human/nature interconnection during the making of the feature documentary My Nature (2016). Inspired by the true story of the protagonist, a transgender man who finds his “true nature” in contact with nature, I have been strengthened my conviction that nature/human interconnection is an urgent experimentation ground. An interconnection that creates the opportunity to produce cultural and multimedia objects that can open a conversation and tell a different story.

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