Melita Spahić Bezjak

Artist statement

Melita has been professionally engaged with dance and theatre since 1993. She studied at the London Contemporary Dance School, The Place after completing the School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. Before moving to the UK, Melita was an active participant in the Croatian dance scene and worked at GK Zorin dom in Karlovac. She is also the author and choreographer of numerous dance and theatre projects in both the UK and Croatia. Her international performances include: Catch Me!, Wired, Live Body, Duet #1, Roundness Reels; Fields of Detail, Loud Silence, In Between Tracing Reflections, Never Ending Game and 5P-3B-1Way. She also participated at the following festivals and choreographic platforms: Resolution! 2007; Evolution! 2008 and 2009! organized byThe Place; Connect Festival, Lilian Baylies Theatre, Cloud Dance Festival London, Movement Research Open Performance Space New York, U.S.A./ Platform for Young Choreographers Zagreb; International Children festival, Šibenik; International festival of theatres, AITA, Kazzinbarcika, Hungary.

Melita has choreographed for students at the London Contemporary Dance School and at Roehampton University in London, as a guest lecturer for dance techniques, improvisation and choreography.

Currently, she is based in Karlovac, Croatia where she founded Free Dance – non-profit organisation in culture and initiated Karlovac dance Festival. 

Melita is actively engaged and collaborated within the frame and with the collective of Nomad Dance Academy Croatia. Melita is practicing dance, developing on different methods to create and working as a choreographer, performer, producer, curator and teacher. Melita is working within a variety of contexts which range from theatre, site-specific, installations, video to commissions. Following on her artistic ethos to connect with nature, universe and humans she is exploring various projects in collaborative laboratory with different art practices and artists active in those disciplines.

‘Learning, practice, failures and success all seem to take some moments in our lives. Dancing and creating occupied mine. Challenging life as a dancer and a choreographer has changed my whole perception and goals as an artist.’
Melita Spahić Bezjak

As a core philosophy I seek to explore new pathways into performance and endeavours to discover different ways of approaching art practice and the viewing of dance. I strive to create original and distinctive work, embracing multiplicity as a core value.

Core values and ethos: Sharing passion for dance

Artistic ethos

To connect with nature, universe and humans
To experiment within dance, theatre and live video
To create original work which embraces intercultural dialogue
To develop and cultivate network of artists working internationally
In doing so I follow the most valuable experience from my childhood: play and game and joy of life and being happy
Technology has been an integral part of Melita’s artmaking ( for many years.)

Working within a variety of contexts which range from theatre, site-specific, installations to commissions to produce high quality art through the performance of dance.
To promote collective of artists, ethnic and cultural exchange through practice, investigation and dialogue.
To widen a collaborative laboratory with different art practices and artists active in those disciplines.

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