Nika Svab

Artist statement

I am a dramaturge, theorist and author of projects, writer of plays, pedagogical materials, rewiews and articles. Moderator of podcasts, talk backs and round tables. Sometimes also performer.

As a dramaturg I worked on performances:
“Elevator”, january 2016, Slovenian National Theater, SLO;
“Let it all go to pi”, may 2016, AGRFT, SLO;
“Snail and whale” may 2018, Puppet theater Maribor, SLO;
“Serve the People” may 2018, DAMU and Divadlo Disk, Prague, CZ;
“Rite of the spring” march 2019, Puppet theater Ljubljana, SLO;

As an author or co-author I created: documentary radio play “S*S”, may 2018, Nova pošta, Mladinsko Theatre, SLO; task based participatory durational performance “Home sweet home” (Festival of Performance), may-september 2019, New Post Office, Maska and Mladinsko Theatre, SLO and a performance “Trans-plant”, june 2020, Old city power plant Ljubljana, Bunker, SLO.

When creating in any form or genre, my main motivation is learning about new perspectives and new contexts and shining a light on them. I always at least try to strictly define who is my target audience and include them in the process. Since I am no stranger to general issues of young female precarious workers in arts, a lot of time I turn issues that struggle with (housing issue, etc.) in a performance, since this is one of the ways how I can present a conflict to its full extent.

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