Sanja  Milardović

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Artist statement

I finished Art academy, department of Acting and puppetry, so afterwards I worked a lot as an actress in independent theatres and films. I started in children’s theatre and then moved to more dramatic and comedy companies. But soon I realized I am lacking something… I wasn’t quite satisfied being only a performer and I had a strong need to create material myself.

So I started to write and create which lead me to some great experiences and shows like Landings (which was a site-specific performance of five authors about imaginary history of our hometown, city of Rijeka). So after my first author work i realized it is something that drives me… In time that lead me to having few carriers parallel. One as an actress and another one as a writer and director. In theatre and film. And sometimes all of these three roles come together, and i must confess those are my favourite projects, like in my last solo show The little miracles- a piece which in a way concludes last ten years of my artist life. Luckily, it was a big success and it gives me pleasure that it got great recognition of public, critics and soon after the Award for best Croatian play in Marulićevi dani.

In my work I am always mostly interested in specifics of human condition and social and political aspects of it. Like in Little miracles I worked on story about a person who went through trauma and tries to cope with it in her unusual way, but it also talks about how system is not emphatic and not human at all. I am interested in peculiar individuals, strange characters that bring out of the box solutions to this world’s problems. I am interested in basic human nature and how it evolves and creates a world around us. I am interested in deconstruction of the world as we know it, our beliefs and prejudices and all of the other systems that don’t surve us well.

In terms of my international career as an author I would maybe point out my work on Meditalents and European short pitch, which are a residencies for scriptwriters for film.
I think it helps me a lot to work in both of this media, sometimes I can translate from one to another and use some film tools in theatre and other way around. I definitely strive to learn and do more things at one time, because I have a constant need of spreading my world, and for me that is basic of creation.

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