Tjaz Juvan & Drustvo Mismo Nismo

Artist statement

Form is an experiment and Idea is everything.

Mismo Nismo was established in 2014-2018. We are a circus collective, keen on freshness and rust.
First show we did under the name Mismo Nismo (We are We aren’t) in 2014 was a Fire postapocaliptical cabaret, performed in the winter in the streets of Ljubljana and developed through a jokeful collective session. The undergoing story is that we survived through apocalypse and remained somewhere with uncountable amount of canned beans, some fuel (hence the fire show) and last existing CD with 1 song only. Inspite and because of all that, we wanted to celebrate Christmas and defeat Inequality. It was a comedy cabaret.

NOise Cirkus is the second show of Mismo Nismo with the start of production 2017 and premiere in 2019. NOise Cirkus is an ode to the objects who lost their purpose. It is an improvised circus and musical performance in which we import attributes of noise music into circus language through exploration of discarded objects a.k.a. trash. On the scene, we are exploring the limits of circus and revealing our human experience through ephemeral sculpture, object re-appropriation and creating our own language of beauty in chaos. The aesthetic of the show is raw, experimental and full of flaws. The music in the show is made live on DIY instruments we made from some trash-found objects and a looping station. There truly is an abundance of discarded objects on the stage. One could almost swim in them.

Some iterations of the show were variations. We made one in Marchin in Belgium as a participatory workshop which was in the morning so a lot of elderly people came. They played the instruments, made sculptures from objects and were balancing on a small pile of bulky waste. Another variation of the setting of the show was when we performed it in a gallery in Zagreb.

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