La Virgueria

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Artist statement

La Virgueria is formed by Aleix Fauró, Isis Martín, Patricia Bargalló and Júlia Ribera.

We share the same theatrical vision: a theatre that is equally committed to social dialogue as well as the artistry — the language, the culture, the poetry, the beauty, and risk — used to provoke that dialogue.
Teamwork is the bedrock upon which we build our shows. With the actors as facilitators, we transform textual poetry into visual poetry, unlocking the plasticity hidden in objects and images, and harnessing the power of silence and bodies in space.

Above all, our shows carry our spectators on journeys that return them to their seats with a fresh perspective on the world around them. Our works arise from our need to grapple with the unsettling issues of our society today, to use the theatre as a platform to give visibility to our and our audience’s concerns. Together we express our point of view, our feelings, and our emotions.
We nourish from collaborators among our projects, from stage designers, producers and dramaturgs to associations, schools and cooperatives.

One of the philosophies of La Virgueria is the belief that the theater goes beyond the four walls of the room; it has to be a complete experience that accompanies the public before and after the performance of the show itself. We want to provide added value, give the possibility of sharing concerns and debate between audience and company, enrich creation with different perspectives and experiences that are different from our own. Nurture each other, and create an interested community, where long-term bonds are created.

Around all its shows, the company organizes a series of activities with the aim of improving and completing the experience of the public that watches its works and, at the same time, bringing new audiences closer to the theater, fostering interest in culture and social issues, and ensure that everyone who wants to will be able to access it, regardless of their personal and social status.

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