Laia Santanach

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Artist statement

I am Laia Santanach, choreographer, dancer and pedagogue from Arenys de Mar, a town 40km from Barcelona.

Currently, I lead my own contemporary dance company, under my name in relation and dialogue with live electronic music.

The company was born in 2018 with the will to create a working team between dancers, musicians, light and sound designers and project accompaniment person to create a continuity of work in relation to my interests as a creator.

These interests revolve around the body and movement as a central axis in relation and dialogue with three synergies:

-Conceptual work with an interest in transversality with the past and the present. The company is currently working on the investigation of tradition and its concepts, as an engine for its updating, from a personal point of view.
I am interested in creation as a place of research on human relationships; what and how they interpellate themselves in relation to their past experiential context and their transformation towards the present.
I am interested in the patterns of human behavior in activities where the group prevails before individuality, without leaving aside the personal part of each individual.

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