Sezen Tonguz

Photo credits: Alípio Padilha





Artist statement

My current research interests and practice as a dance artist gathers in a non-linear, rhizomatic map around collaboration, expanded choreography, improvisation, participation, research, transdisciplinary approach.

I come from a diverse professional and cultural backgrounds. I seek the power of choreography in the social and political not only creating artwork but also taking initiative in the community to shift the way we move, live, and work together. Since my involvement with ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists’ Association in Istanbul, later via artistic collaborations with various professionals and more recently co-founding Rede More Cultural Association (Former Moving (Re)union – Informal International Artists’ Network) and Co-dance Lisbon (2017-2019), being an active member of arts community who supports peers opening up space and time for collective practices; to play and experiment together without the pressure of production is an important focus for me.

I have been creating interdisciplinary works in the intersection of diverse themes such as gender identity norms, environmental impact of human on earth, togetherness, immigration and belonging. Living and working in Portugal and maintaining a strong connection with Turkey, I pursue a path of artistic research along with curatorial projects within performing arts.

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