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Artist statement

I worked at the KIEZ in Hamburg – the red light district – and at the National Theatre of Tunis as an interpret.

I studied in a circus school in Tilburg (NL), quit after a while, studied psychology, dance and physical theatre on my own rhythm between Germany and Spain, Catalunya, Barcelona, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The fact that I was born in the year the Berlin Wall fell, is significant for me, since it keeps me questioning all mental and physical boundaries humankind created. I’m from an ancient glass maker family, also known as Bohemian glass makers, which has influenced my fascination for forms and reflections. My passion for circus and criticizing it at the same time was the reason to initiate the Project #reflexionsdecirc (reflectionsoncircus) and the dramaturgy exchange days at La Central del Circ in Barcelona.

During the last years I focused on circus dramaturgy and the research on creative processes which not only led me to my new creation Kristall Bohème which has several outcomes and adaptions on space and context, but also to accompany the emerging company Som Noise in the process of developing skills and artistic composition, and being co-author of the creation Breach.

As a circus artist I was always searching for my own language, being an autodidact and taking seminars and courses with different teachers and institutions. I feel that this way allowed me to create my own way, it’s not “LIDO-style”(Toulouse) nor”DOCH” (Stockholm). It’s a way of understanding circus as a movement language – I’m not so interested in a theatrical point of view.

2017 I said : “I want to write pieces.” For me, writing can also happen as an embodied practice. Writing with the body in relation to space and physical impact. I think on one hand my passion for creative processes and my will to research was much stronger than the wish to “produce my work”, maybe there was also a time I was not so sure about my own universe, because it didn’t fit into circus market in Spain. Now after several years of researching and exploring I feel that I want to show my work and I found out that the one who was interested in my work is Mercat de les Flors. So I would say I am at the beginning of an interesting path and “Daily Bread” could be definitely a great support to work on my international visibility, apart from giving me a space to develop and present my work 10km from my hometown.

Some facts:

2018/19 Circus Dramaturgie Certificate, Centre National des Arts du Cirque Châlons en Champagne (FR) and Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque Brussels

2010- 2015 B.Sc. Psychology, (thesis: Regulation of emotions and interhemispheric communication), FernUniversität Hagen

2009-2010 “Propedeuse“ (dutch diploma) in Circus and Performance Art, Fontys Hogescholen voor de Kunsten, Tilburg, NL

++dance and movement trainings ++

Festivals and venues played on as a creator:
Mercat de les Flors, Fira Mediterranea de Manresa, Teatre Principal de Olot, Sprechwerk Hamburg, Festival Trapezi,KONVENT Berga, Fringe Festival Madrid, Theaterspektakel Zürich, Berlin Circus Festival (work-in-progress), Festival Presente Futuro- Teatro Libero Palermo…

On my website you can find more information about my projects.

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