David Marques

Artist statement

I have been working with dance and choreography professionally since 2008.

I have been doing my research from different places – as a dancer, choreographer, outside eye / critical accompaniment, rehearsal assistant and production assistant. All of these views are in line with my work and my work ethic. Over these 13 years, I’ve made 12 pieces as a choreographer (alone and in partnership) and 20 projects as a dancer/performer or outside eye , especially in Portugal, France, Switzerland and Israel.

I studied at the Escola Superior de Dança, in Lisbon (where I went to live when I was 17, coming from Torres Novas, a small town in Ribatejo) and EXERCE (training program from CCN Montpellier). This temporary move to France to study was fundamental in the development of my professional path and the establishment of new personal and professional relationships.

My work has been made up of collaborations with other artists, directing projects with Ido Feder or Tiago Cadete, in scenography and lighting with Tiago Cadete, in video with Diogo Brito, in music with Miguel Lucas Mendes. I don’t believe it’s possible to make art any other way, without being in collaboration.

My creative work has focused lately on thinking about the spaces for the emergence and presentation of dances – more subjective or more concrete internal spaces, such as studios, dance floors, houses. It is a work of imagination and projection, I’ve mostly stayed in the studio for that research. I have also developed a poetics from ideas related to documentation and the archive, in a work on various times (past, present and future), using video, personal memories and repetition as a choreographic tool.

In Portugal, since 2020 I have working within a movement of action and political pressure for the rights of cultural professionals – the Ação Cooperativista.
I am currently attending a Master’s Degree in Aesthetics and Artistic Studies at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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