Rafaela Santos – Amarelo Silvestre

Photo Credits: Luís Belo

Artist statement

Constituted in 2009, the theatre company Amarelo Silvestre carries out its activities from Canas de Senhorim, Municipality of Nelas, in the centre of Portugal. It is a territory of the interior of the country, near to Serra da Estrela.

From there, contemporary theatre is created, in a semi-urban context, attentive to the world and to life. To the world and to life. What is seen from here? What world is seen from here and what is it that can only be seen from here?
Emphasis to dramaturgy in Portuguese language and to the choreographic body of the actor on stage. Word and body: two pillars of Amarelo Silvestre’s artistic purpose.

The artistic direction is assured by Fernando Giestas and Rafaela Santos. Responsible for the Executive Production, the Financial Management and the Design & Communication areas are Susana Loio e Ana Verónica Dias.
Amarelo Silvestre is co-financed by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / General Direction of the Arts.

The main motivation, when creating, is to look around, with the most local look possible, and take that matter to act the most globally as possible. This means that a show created this way will have full validity in the Auditório dos Bombeiros Voluntários (the Voluntary Firemen Auditorium) of Canas de Senhorim as well as in the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II (National Theatre), in Lisbon.
A performance created this way will have full validity in Portugal as well as in any other country, because it is created from this assumption of artistic reflection of what troubles us as citizens of the world. Citizens of the world living in Canas de Senhorim. And that contribution, we believe, is what makes us different, beyond the obvious artistic peculiarities, from the artists that reside and work in Lisbon, in Brussels, in Seville or in Milan.

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